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Favorites Malfunctioning

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:51 pm
by Paul H Harder II
When I got F5, I tried using some of the favorites that you had preloaded. So I tried making one of my own, with different results on my two PCs.

On my desktop, I first tried deleting all of the favorites and then creating my own. When I tried to save the new favorite, the program hung. Comparing to what's on my laptop, I saw that the F5\settings\favorites\list.ini file had disappeared. So I created an empty file of that name and I was later able to save a favorite. That resulted in two files in that folder:
  • list.ini
But now, when I display that favorite, F5 paints in one of the layers, then erases it and paints in the other.

On my laptop, I can create a new map with two layers, and it later displays correctly every time.

Complicating this, every time I select "Add/Edit Favorites" from the menu, the favorites dialog opens but immediately tucks itself behind the main F5 window. Somehow, Windows still thinks it's the window that's currently on top -- because, when I use the Alt-Tab key combination, Windows brings up a collection of window thumbnails and moves the selected one to F5. To get to the favorites window, I have to Alt-Tab many times or right-click the F5 icon on my Windows 10 taskbar. I'm a keyaboard oriented person, so mousing is not my first thought. If you can, please persuade the favorites window to remain on top after it opens.

But that's not my primary problem. On the desktop, I simply cannot display the favorite that I have stored.

Offer: If it will help you to diagnose this, which is probably a pretty obscure bug, I could grab off a snapshot copy of all of the files in my installation of F5, then uninstall and reinstall the program. Comparison of the newly installed files to the saved files might give a clue. Let me know if you'd like me to try this.


Re: Favorites Malfunctioning

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:56 pm
by Paul H Harder II
I have new data on that bug. I tried clicking the multiple overlays button before clicking on the favorite that I had saved. This now works on my desktop. I had that thought after seeing it suddenly malfunction on the laptop. I first tried the fix there and it worked, so I tried it on the desktop and that worked too.

So let's convert this from a bug report to a feature request: Make the favorite remember whether it is a multiple layer map or not and then automatically configure the framework accordingly.


Re: Favorites Malfunctioning

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:27 pm
by Andrew Revering
It should remember everything, including if it's a multiple layer or single layer map if it was created correctly and if it's able to write the contents to your hard drive properly.

I know there is an issue on some machines that gives F5 some trouble due to permissions issues. The workaround in those cases is to uninstall and reinstall to a different location. I forget if the default installs to C:\Program Files(x86)\F5 or if it's C:\F5... but the point is to install to the 'other' directory. If it was installed to program files, uninstall and reinstall directly to the C drive or vice versa.

Also from the installer you should right click the installer and 'Run As Administrator' when installing.

Another tip... if you have favorites set up and working properly on one machine, it might be easier to copy the favorites folder from that machine and paste it into the machine you have yet to set up. That way you skip the step of having to set it up again and you also are assured that you have it set up properly. If there are other issues, its not with your favorites settings then.

Lastly, if you have the Pro version ... make sure that you DO NOT have 'schedules' turned on. That is intended to be used on a machine that is unattended because on an interval its going to take over, clear your screen, draw a scheduled map, etc. So if you're trying to use it when it's doing that, its going to be very wonky. I advise people to either find a machine to let that run in the system tray where you don't manually use the software, or if you do want to mess with it, first shut off schedules while you're using the software.

Here are some generic video tutorials, but I don't think there's one covering favorites or drawing on the map (right click option):

Re: Favorites Malfunctioning

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:28 pm
by Andrew Revering
Also keep in mind if you have 'Auto Refresh' turned on and you're doing stuff, it could take over and redraw your current map while you're trying to do something.