Strange time jump in Severe Parameters

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Strange time jump in Severe Parameters

Post by tstolze » Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:25 pm

As I have been getting a lot of use from my F5 software the last couple weeks I have noticed strange timelines as I scroll through data.

Tonight while looking at STP values using NAM/WRF @ hour 27 it is using the 00Z and showing 10 pm, next frame hour 30 is from 12z output and 1pm, hour 33 is from 18z and 1 pm.

This effects many different outputs, I have documented APWRX Severe and Tornado Index effected also.

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Post by Andrew Revering » Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:36 pm

The models sometimes will miss certain forecast periods. The way it works is each forecast hour updates individually, but due to data transmission or other issues, it can miss a hour. The files also update as 'pay' files and 'free' files. So you could see sea level pressure not update, but things like 500mb humidity update.

This certainly is not done by design! Its a bug and I've been working on a solution for a long time for it. Eventually we'll get it worked out, but for now... you have to just keep an eye on those time stamps to make sure you're looking at what you're expecting to get.
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