Updates 4/30/15

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Updates 4/30/15

Post by Andrew Revering » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:35 am

Major code overhaul!

It may not look much different, but in order to support the ability to draw on the static maps (not animations) we had to modify almost all aspects of the site. This should mean more functionality, but could introduce bugs. Please let me know if you find any.

Upgrades Include:
  • Ability to draw on static (not animating) images
  • Faster site functionality. Instead of reloading the whole site with every new map, it now just refreshes the image, allowing for faster load times.
  • Chat room now auto-refreshes every 30 seconds and will delay that refresh if you are typing.
We added the ability to draw on the images! Just make sure you're looking at a static image (not an animation), and then click and drag around on the map to draw. There are controls to change colors and clear your drawing below the image.

Your drawing will persist as you switch between hours, maps, and runs which can help you to keep an eye on certain areas of interest. However, it will clear if you switch your region. For example, you could draw in boundaries or circle a potential tornado hotspot as you flip through maps. Just click the clear button below the map to start fresh.

This ability relies on JavaScript being enabled. It should work on most browsers but I do not think it works on touch-screens at this time. Sorry.

I noticed the first time I saw the new site when I switched hours all the maps were black. Once I clicked on another map type they all started loading as expected, and couldn't recreate the problem again. So keep that in mind if you experience this -- just choose another map and it should start working.

At this time, adding drawing functionality caused us to temporarily have to remove the 'traffic lights'. We should be able to add these back in a coming upgrade.
Andrew Revering
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