Updates 2/17/15

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Updates 2/17/15

Post by Andrew Revering » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:31 pm

I changed the menu for clarity and sizing purposes.

I'm sure some will complain about the changes, but by adding 'Basic' and 'Precipitation' categories, we can make the 'Surface' category easier to read with less in it, and also this allows us to make the size of the menu larger so it's easier to read, and allows the menu to fit in the screen of lower resolution screens like laptops.

I hope the learning curve isn't going to irritate people, but once you get used to where items have moved it should be an easier experience for everyone.

The changes:
  • Preciptation (liquid QPF) maps have moved from Surface to Precipitation category.
  • Travel, Thunder, Cloud Cover & Temperature related maps moved from Surface to 'Basic' category.
  • Theta-E and Theta-E Advection maps moved from 'Severe' to Surface, 925 and 850mb categories respectively.
Andrew Revering
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