How to modify city density & font

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How to modify city density & font

Post by Andrew Revering » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:25 pm

There is a way to change the city density and colors, but it's not easy. There is a file located (usually) in C:\F5\gis\ called US.ttkgp

- First back up US.ttkgp so if you mess something up you can restore it and start over.
- Then open up US.ttkgp

In that file, if you open it with a text editor there are different options you can adjust. There are different sections in that file... for example a section with the header:
[TatukGIS Layer 6]

Then there are subsequent sections for Cities at the bottom of the file like [TatukGIS Layer6 1], [TatukGIS Layer6 2], etc. Each one of these sections is a settings block for each block of cities within a certain population range. You can set the font and display settings for each of these blocks individually.

You'd look down in that section and tweak various things.

- Change the MinScale property for each zoom level. This defines at what zoom level cities in this block start showing up. Smaller numbers mean that it shows up zoomed out farther. For example 6.25E-8 would show up at a national view, while 1E-6 wouldn't show up until you're zoomed in to nearly the county view.

- Set the Query property for each zoom level. This defines cities of what population size show up at this zoom level. If you increase the population range for each section, then fewer cities would show up in that zoom level. You'd have to do this for each section to bump them all up proportionally. Also you can change the font and outline colors or sizes of the text itself for each of these city population sizes.

- Set the Marker.Style. This defines if you have a box, plus sign, triangle, circle, etc. for the city placement. Your options are:

- Set the label.color (reverse hex, so a hex code of red (FF0000) would be $0000FF, or FFA890 would be $90A8FF
- Set for font type
- Label.Font.Size
- Label.Font.Style = BOLD for example
- Label.Outline.Color.... if you want a different color outline around the inner font color
- Label.OutlinePattern=SOLID if you want the color around the font, otherwise set this to TRANSPARENT and set the Label.Outline.Color to the same color as the inner color if you want just normal single color.
- Marker.Color
- Marker.Size

Once you modify this file restart the software.
Andrew Revering
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