Updates 11/23/10

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Updates 11/23/10

Post by Andrew Revering » Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:11 am

A couple updates to mention...


Over the past couple days we have done a LOT of work on our radar "HD NEXRAD". Specifically we did more work on ground clutter filtering. It is not perfect, in some rare cases there may still be some ground clutter, but shy of having someone employed 24/7 to manually remove ground clutter, we feel this is some of the best automated ground clutter methodology available today. In the process of improving the ground clutter filtering, we were able to get the very weak echos from snow in very cold atmospheres to show up on the radar again, which was missing for some time in our first phase of ground clutter filtering.

Additionally, we have further improved upon the precipitation type technology. We feel that it is so accurate that we have nearly eliminated the instances of mixed precipitation except in very rare cases where it truely is a mix. The freezing rain areas may actually be more common which will show up as a dark purple. Mixed precip will show up as a lighter purple.


Current conditions have been improved as we found a bug in the system that was causing some erroneous data in the current conditions. We also added logic to filter out erroneous data and was even able to add MORE data.

You can view all the data if you do a plot of the data values instead of a contour, and then continue zooming in. In some cases you might be down to a single county and see one number, but if you zoom in farther you might see more values taken from different stations within that county.
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Post by Bob Hartig » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:31 pm

Andy, I just got my first good look at the "new, improved" radar and want to say that it's a huge improvement. Really nice! This evening is an excellent test for the separation between rain, freezing rain, and snow, and from what I can see, it's doing great. Love the smoothing!
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