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Convective Development / AllisonHouse /Gibson Ridge Software

Post by Andrew Revering » Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:23 pm

Sept. 16, 2005

AllisonHouse, LLC and Convective Development, Inc. today announced that the two companies have agreed to partner to provide consumers seemless access to weather radar and forecast model data.

AllisonHouse will leverage it's existing relationship with Gibson Ridge Software (GRS) to bring Convective Development's collection of over 130 RUC forecast model parameters to users of GRS's GRLevel3 product. GRLevel3 users will be able to overlay model parameters on top of weather radar images to provide comprehensive analysis and forecasting capabilities.

AllisonHouse customers will have access to this new feature by early 2006 with beta testing in late 2005. This is the first in a series of premium overlay products AllisonHouse is planning on making available to customers.

About Convective Development, Inc.

Convective Development specializes in delivering meteorological data for personal and commercial use. Convective Development's flagship product, F5Data, gives subscribers access to 130 different meteorological parameters from NAM and RUC forecast models via sounding text and graphics, as well as customizable maps. AlertMe Pro, another innovative product from Convective Development, provides forecast and weather alert data directly to your desktop, and can scroll warnings across your screen just like TV.

About AllisonHouse, LLC

AllisonHouse is the premier provider of low cost real-time Level 2 and Level 3 weather radar data. AllisonHouse was the first company to make real-time high resolution level 2 NEXRAD data available to the general public on a low cost subscription basis. Since then has expanded the offerings to the more popular Level 3 data. They have also recently worked with Gibson Ridge to bring weather data overlay capabilities to Gibson Ridge's GRLevel3 product. This has allowed the development of overlayed storm reports, hurricane tracks, surface observations and real-time weather spotter position tracking within the same integrated radar display.

About Gibson Ridge Software

Gibson Ridge Software is the premier software vendor for weather radar viewers. Gibson Ridge Software leverages it's extensive experience in the area of graphics manipulation to provide world class visulation tools.
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